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New homepage and video tutorials for CEO

New homepage and video tutorials for CEO

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new homepage and video tutorials for Collect Earth Online (CEO).

✨ A new homepage

The CEO Team has created a new homepage, filled with information about CEO. The new homepage will help improve CEO’s reach by providing new and existing users with important information about CEO.

For new users, the homepage provides quick information about what CEO is and key features. For existing users, we have provided a quick link to the CEO application at the top of the page (“Open CEO”), easier access to help documentation, and the blog.

If you have bookmarks, we kindly request that you update them. The CEO application can now be found at We hope you will enjoy this modern update for CEO!

The new homepage for Collect Earth Online.
The new homepage for Collect Earth Online.

🚀 Two new tutorials

We have also added two new tutorials to our CEO Help page. The first video describes how to collect data using CEO. Topics covered include:

  • The data collection interface
  • Visual interpretation of satellite imagery
  • Using an Interpretation Key
  • Using the Geo-Dash and GEE Script if available for your project
  • Downloading KML files for use with Google Earth

The second video walks the viewer through creating their own project in CEO. Topics covered include:

  • The project creation wizard
  • Institutional imagery, including adding your own imagery through Google Earth Engine (GEE)
  • Plot and sample design
  • QAQC approaches
  • Adding survey questions and rules
  • Setting up the Geo-Dash
  • Using project templates

We hope you will find these new videos useful! Both include helpful tips for new and existing users alike.

You can watch these new videos here:

CEO would like to thank its ongoing funders FAO, NASA–USAID SERVIR,
and SilvaCarbon, a US government program. Thanks also to CEO’s technology partners: Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative for funding open high-resolution data availability; Planet for providing high-resolution imagery; and the Google Earth Engine team for creating a platform for Earth science data and analysis.

Collect Earth Online is working constantly to improve the user experience, and your feedback is invaluable. If you have ideas to share, please write to

Thank you!